Monday, March 23, 2015

Killing processes in Windows 7

Found this link that gives all the details, but wanted to capture the basics here. Chrome has been randomly locking up on me and when I close all it leaves a bunch of processes hanging around. I was killing them one by one in process explorer until now!

You can run:
> tasklist 

from the command line to see all running processes. Then
> taskkill /IM chrome.exe /f

And it will kill all the chrome.exe processes that hang around. Best part is this doesn't require downloading some tool to do it for your. It's baked in to windows.


Richard Foster said...

Something simple is obvious and important for your PC, if you want to monitor the CPU utilization, I run and check the memory statistics, because sometimes too slow processor work gets me crazy. I think you faced this, but it's simple Process Explorer, too many active processes, half of them Which aren't necessary, so you can control it.

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